The city is located on the eastern coast of the island, which is part of the autonomous community of the Balearic IslandsSpain. The water is deep but it remains mostly clear due to it being slightly enclosed. It is also said to be the birthplace of mayonnaise salsa mahonesa in Spanish. Its population in was estimated to be 29, The name's origin is attributed to the Carthaginian general Mago Barcabrother to Hannibalwho is thought to have taken refuge there in BC.

Its harbour, one of the most strategically important in the western Mediterranean, was re-fortified. The British saw the island's potential as a naval base and sought to take full control. Its status as a British possession was confirmed by the Treaty of Utrecht in During the island's years as a British dependencythe capital was moved from Ciutadella de Menorca to Mahon, which then served as residence for the governorthe most famous being General Richard Kane.

During this period the natural harbour leading to the town and surrounding settlements were sometimes collectively known as "Port Mahon" see map left. The island was lost to the French in following the naval Battle of Menorca and the final Siege of Fort St Philipwhich took place several miles from the town.

In a joint Franco-Spanish effort and following a long five month invasionthe British surrendered the island again in ; It was transferred to Spain in as part of the Peace of Paris.

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The British recaptured the island induring the French Revolutionary Wars. The British and the French tried and failed to end hostilities between themselves with the Treaty of Amiens in Both nations agreed to cede or withdraw from certain territories, with the island of Menorca passing to the Spanish, with whom it has remained since.

A small but important Royal Navy Dockyard was established by the British on the north side of the harbour, opposite the town, in Several Dockyard buildings, dating from the s, can still be seen on Illa Pinto formerly known as Saffron Island including a Naval Storehouse with clock tower. There recently have been moves to establish a maritime museum here. The ruins of a former Royal Naval Hospitalfounded instand on another nearby island Illa del Rei. They recently have been restored.

Naval storehouse and careening wharf on Illa Pinto. During the Spanish Civil Warthe island remained loyal to the Republic, but was captured by the Nationalists in Spanish leader Francisco Franco visited the city on 11 May to open a new thermal power station. The event was used by the authorities to further promote Francoist Spain. Towards the end of the 20th century, the renovation of its historic centre was made possible by income from tourism.

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Latest word submissions The Chicks: Gaslighter [ en ]. Captain tom [ en ].Joshua Its interest for us lies in its connection with David. Dr Robinson finds it the ruinous place called Main, seven miles south by east from Hebron. It appears again as the home of Nabal, the great flockmaster 1 Samuel In the genealogical list of 1 Chronicles 2Maon stands as the "son" of Shammai and the "father" of Beth-zur This evidently means that Shammai was the founder of Maon.

This may be confidently identified with Maon, the radicals of the names being the same. It suits the requirements of the narratives in other respects, being near to Carmel, while the surrounding wilderness is still used as the wide pasture land for multitudinous flocks. In this district, the wilderness of Maon, David was hiding when his whereabouts was betrayed to Saul by the men of Ziph 1 Samuel fand only a timely raid by the Philistines delivered him out of that monarch's hands 1 Samuel The Septuagint "Midian" has been accepted by some scholars as restoring the original text, since, otherwise, the Midianites remain unmentioned.

But the Maonites are evidently identical with the Meunim of 1 Chronicles Revised Versionthe pastoral people destroyed by Hezekiah. In 2 Chronicles the King James Version, instead of "other beside the Ammonites" we must read "some of the Meunim," as associated with the Ammonites in the battle with Jehoshaphat. Against them also Uzziah was helped of God 2 Chronicles They are included among the inhabitants of Mt. Seir 2 Chronicles23so that an Edomite tribe is intended.

It undoubtedly represents an ancient stronghold. These may possibly be the descendants of prisoners taken in the wars of Jehoshaphat and Uzziah, to whom menial tasks may have been appointed in the temple services.

Ewing Strong's Hebrew Maon -- "habitation," a place in Judah, also a man of Judah Transliteration: maon or main Phonetic Spelling: maw-ohn' Short Definition Meunim -- a people Southeast of the Dead Sea Mehunims, Meunim. Beth Baal Meon -- "house of Baal of the habitation," a Word Origin fem. Baal Meon -- "Baal of the habitation," a place East of the Then David went away into the Wilderness of Maon.

Now there was a man in Maonwhose property was in Carmel. The Baptism of Proselytes At the very same moment when David was discovered in the wilderness of Maonthe Philistines make an inroad into the country, and Saul is forced to depart Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive?


The influence of ownership concentration on firm resource allocations to employee relations, external social actions, and environmental action. Understanding CSR culture and subcultures: consensual and conflicting narratives. But there is a coda: Paul Schmidgall and Ruth Kark conclude this collection with a sociological study of the settlements created in the s and early s by two separate German pietistic groups, the Emma Berger Society Bethel and Maon Issachar Freie Christenge-meinde Schorndorf in the small town of Sichron Yaa-kov south of Haifa.

Deutsche in Palastina und ihr Anteil an der Mod-ernisierung des Landes. The articles by Gass deal with critical and historical questions concerning peoples who appear in Judges: Amalekites, Kenites, the locale Maon and the Meuintes, Midianites, and the standard Deuteronomistic catalog of seven peoples, with special attention given to Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites.

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